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End Of Chapter Exercises

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Transverse pulses

Exercise 7.3

A heavy rope is flicked upwards, creating a single pulse in the rope. Make a drawing of the rope and indicate the following in your drawing:

  1. The direction of motion of the pulse

  2. Amplitude

  3. Pulse length

  4. Position of rest

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A pulse has a speed of \(\text{2,5}\) \(\text{m·s$^{-1}$}\). How far will it have travelled in \(\text{6}\) \(\text{s}\)?

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A pulse covers a distance of \(\text{75}\) \(\text{cm}\) in \(\text{2,5}\) \(\text{s}\). What is the speed of the pulse?

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How long does it take a pulse to cover a distance of \(\text{200}\) \(\text{mm}\) if its speed is \(\text{4}\) \(\text{m·s$^{-1}$}\)?

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